A Bitter Truth

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A Bitter Truth

Once in an evening the king of Uzbekistan was wandering in the garden. Suddenly, he saw a guy running away from his garden by jumping the boundary. Before the king started shouting, that guy fled away. Who was that person? What did he steal or did he has any other intention? Which enemy had sent him to kill me? Like this,  lots of questions made the king worried.


He asked to the soldiers, “Call the person who is taking care of the garden.”

Mulla Nasiruddin (the person who was taking care of the garden) arrived at king’s palace, the moment he got the call. The king asked, “ Mulla, have u seen a guy today who had entered into our garden? If yes, do you know why did he come here ? Mulla had seen that guy. He knew that the person had an affair with king’s new wife. So he entered into the garden to meet the queen. But it was very difficult for Mulla to express these things in front of the king.


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So Mulla wanted to change / avoid the topic and told, “ O my lord !  please leave him, he is a naughty guy  and he had entered into the garden without any reason. 
But the king was impossible to get convinced by Mulla's words. King told, “Tell me the truth, otherwise I will beat you with horsewhip."


Mulla told, “ Please don’t do that.  believe me, please.”


King said, “ You will never tell the truth before you get beaten.”


Mulla told, “ Your Majesty,  I request you please don’t do like this. Please believe me."


But before he completed his sentence,  he was beaten by the king with the horsewhip and he got senseless.


King told, “ Sprinkle water on his face and ask him again."


Then Mulla got up and he was suffering from severe pain. Then he told, “ My lord please don’t force me to tell the truth. I have  guts to tell the truth, but I know you don't have that much of courage to bear that truth. Now, the truth is, that guy had entered to meet your newly married  queen only. 


The king heard the truth and lost his sense.


Moral: Before asking for the truth, you should have the stamina to bear it.




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