Mystery behind happiness

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Mystery behind happiness, moral stories, Short Stories

One day a man went to his guru being woeful.


Man –“I am very sad. I have a very low income. With that much money it is very difficult to manage my family of 5 members. Also I am living in a small house. Even there is no space to move.”


Guru heard everything but answered in such a way as if he heard nothing.


GURU – “Now listen to me. I have 5 students. I will shift them to your house. From today itself they will stay with you. You will take care of them. Then we will understand you pain.”


After hearing this statement the man literally lost his sense. He was not able to manage his own family and now 5 more. He thought, “Did I make any mistake by visiting here”. With anxiety he reached at his home. The moment he reached at his home, he found all the 5 students of guru at his home only.


Now, just try to imagine his condition. It was very difficult to manage those students. His life became like in the  hell. He thought that if the same continues then in a few days he will get mad or commit suicide. At that moment the guru told, “Now You can send them back to my Hermitage”.


After the students left his home the man was relaxed. He felt happy. At that point of time the guru reached.


Mystery behind happiness, moral stories, Short Stories


Guru – “Hey don’t worry. Now tell me how you are feeling. Your everything i.e your home, environment and income are still there with you only. That shows that you are happy with whatever you have now. That means though there was no reason for sorrow still you were trying to find the pain out of that. My dear, God never gives pain to anybody. It is the human who drags it towards them.”


Moral: It is very difficult to move out of consequential and that will make your mind blank.




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